A Full Service MGU Program Manager

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A Full Service MGU Program Manager



We are a national wholesaler and Program Manager offering self-funded medical stop-loss reimbursement coverage to employers around the country. Our advanced underwriting allows producers to offer individualized stop-loss coverage to self-insured employers looking for protection from catastrophic medical and pharmacy claims. In addition to underwriting coverage, we focus on employer-customized solutions utilizing advanced risk assessment, cost containment and pharmacy benefit management tools, and provide producers and employers with responsive, timely claims service.


Our coverage solutions fit each employer, helping producers and clients control costs year over year.


We simplify claims reimbursement by handling the process from start to finish, transparently, so you know where every claimdollar is spent.


We’re there when you need us. Our goal is to build a relationship that you can trust and provide service you can depend on.



Owned by ManhattanLife, one of the country’s oldest insurance companies, we are part of a privately held, independent organization with a track record of innovation and an unwavering commitment to stand by policyholders and producers. We are driven not only to meet the needs of your customers but to strengthen your relationship with them.